18 November 2014

Time for a quick catch-up!!

Kids are all doing well in school :).
T has started up her health issues again :(. We have started with a new urologist though and thinks he knows what is going on, so there is some hope there. It is hard on this kiddo though. She was doing so much better and then this fall she has been back on extended antibiotics and back to lots of doctors visits :(. Hard thing when she has just started to a new school as well. But at least she has been around that school for years, so they know her. And she moved up with all her friends, so the social part is not an issue either.
J is doing great. Settling in at his new school wonderfully. Waiting for test results to see just how smart he is ;)!! He is doing great at swim as well. Just beat a personal best time at a meet on Sunday!!
C had a rough start to the year. She wasn’t turning homework in, in a timely manner – along with a few other little issues. We have gone on complete homework lockdown til term is up. Working on turning around study habits. She also did awesome at her meet on Sunday. Beat two PB’s – one by 8 seconds!!! And she has her first boyfriend!!
We had a lovely half term with my parents. Did a whirlwind of a trip out to the Bavarian Alps in Germany. They all had a fab time!
And today I took my last final. Didn’t do very well on it, but will finish the class with a B. I’ll have to live with that. It’s a nice feeling though to have it done and over with. I set a goal to accomplish these last 78 credits in three years (did it in 2 years, ten months!). Didn’t think it would be possible with having so many surgeries and family events, but managed it :). Next spring I will get that diploma saying I earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology. A pretty good feeling!


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