latest T update

Obviously we have been MIA on the whole blog thing for awhile – being trying to keep up with y’all through email/phone, but thought it was time to come back to this :)!  

Here’s our latest results from T’s GI specialist.  Things have been going awesome since we got rid of the weird super bacteria – she hasn’t even thrown up for 10 days (til today when she got carsick 😕!). 

Tot “probably/possibly” has celiac’s, but the specialist could not give a definitive answer as she was not on gluten long enough to corrupt her system after having been off of it for so long (gee, I think I’ve been questioning that the whole frickin time). Blood tests will not work as she has been off gluten for so long (duh). And due to the fact that being diagnosed as celiac’s is a big financial thing here (NHS pays for lots) he won’t just diagnose her as it. Even though I’ve assured him that we do not and will not participate in NHS (I do get this as he does not know us and cannot be sure that we would not abuse the system as she is actually, I think, eligible for some NHS).  So the next step is to see her again in three months. Then discuss again putting her on a 2 month high gluten diet to then do another endoscopy. He thinks getting a diagnosis is important as this is a lifelong thing. I agree. But there is also discussion about when to put her through it again as she is fairly comfortable being gluten free…


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