Yea!!!  I got accepted into the Master in Sociology program at Arizona State University today :)!  Very excited to start classes again in late August.  I’m sure my family will be happy too as I think I have been driving them nuts with my boredom levels.  

It seems like perfect timing too as we’ve now got T healthy again, Jason is living with us again and it will provide a distraction from (not to mention the further studies into the behaviour of) the rampant teenagism in this house ;)!

I’ve already got the majority of my scheduling figured out – yes, from now til graduation.  All ready to talk to an advisor tomorrow and make certain that I have signed up for the right classes.  And to see if the aggressive scheduling I want to do will work.  (Hoping to finish by next summer before we move.)

Yup, I’m a nerd, but I’m loving it right now :).


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