What a weekend!!

It started with me finishing my first term of my masters program with all A’s – what a relief to have that done :).  Very much looking forward to the time off for Christmas :).  And then we had the school Christmas fayre.  Finishing out Friday with what turned out to be a week long celebration of Tot’s birthday ;)!

Saturday morning we went to a lovely Christmas party for the children.   


Then that afternoon we spent in the ER – yup, the ER.  C had apparently hurt her should earlier in the week, but was able to tolerate it so didn’t tell anyone.  She tweaked it at the party though an the pain became worse.  I made her go to the dr and long story short – it looks like she may have either a tear or a break!!!  They aren’t certain as her growth plates are preventing a clear picture.  She apparently had a high pain tolerance, although now that she’s not fighting it, she’s feeling pretty miserable :(.  Waiting to hear from ortho to get better imaging and results.   

For now we have her slinged and tied up and on pain meds.  She is a trooper though!

Sunday was a better day for at least one of my rosebuds!  J had a swim meet and he totally rocked it!!  He did four races and won four medals!!  Two gold, one silver and a bronze.  He also got 3 PBs!  So very very proud of him🏊🏻😀❤️!!!  He is really coming into his own with his swimming lately :)!!!



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