DNA testing

Last month Tot had DNA testing done to determine if she carries the gene for celiac’s disease.  Apparently 30% of the population carries this marker, and 90% of people with the marker have celiac’s.  If she does not have the marker, she would just be considered gluten intolerant.  Which would be great as it is then a choice.  It would mean that her body doesn’t process it well, whereas with celiac’s, gluten is actually harmful to the body.  We ended up having to go this backwards route as you have to have a significant amount of gluten in your system to get a proper diagnosis for celiac’s and T has been off gluten for quite awhile as we know her body did not agree with it.  

Her results finally came in the mail today.  She does have the marker for celiac’s.  As she has the clinical symptoms as well, the next step is for her to do a ‘formal gluten challenge’ – which means going back on gluten for 2-3 months (possibly shorter – 6 weeks – if she has a super horrendous reaction), and then doing the blood test.  Needless to say (but I guess I am saying it!), she is having a difficult time with this.  There was still hope that she might outgrow the ‘gluten intolerance’ and this wouldn’t be a lifelong issue.  But this could explain why she is always getting sick as celiac’s is an autoimmune disorder.  Any ways, that’s where she is at right now.  I guess at least this means she can have ‘regular’ Christmas cookies. Although it sucks a lot knowing it will make her sicker again……


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