When it rains, it pours (or sometimes luckily doesn’t!!)

We’ve had what I would like to think of as more than our fair share of house-interior-flooding issues.  So imagine my dismay when I walked down the stairs and saw a watermark on the ceiling 😳!!!  Thankfully it was not pouring out water, dribbling or even leaking.  Oddly enough it is completely dry.  So I pulled out the handy dandy crayons chalk and outlined it, called maintenance and started the process.  They kindly decided that they would just take care of it on Thursday when I have to have them out for some minor issues.  Good!  I had a sick kid today that I was taking into the doctor – made my life easier.  

‘Til they called back and said they changed their mind and were sending someone out anyway – at some point during the day.  I then got my lovely neighbour to agree to sort maintenance and my dog because of course they came out while C and I were at the doctor’s.  

End result: awesome neighbour saved the day!, there is no actual leak that can be found – so after cutting holes in the bathroom upstairs and in the ceiling where the leak is we are just hoping it is an old leak that seeped through the ceiling plaster (continuing to eye that chalk outline though for further growth) and C got sorted by the doc.

Quick synopsis on C:  she has the cold I have graciously been passing to my family, dealing with some female issues and an infected ingrown toenail that we can’t seem to get under control.  She is on her second antibiotic for it and a referral is in to podiatry.  Poor kid!!!

I’ll post a pic of the ceiling, but not of the toe 😉!

(The hole they cut is about 10″x4″ – it is randomly in the middle of our hallway!)  


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