Good grief, this week

I am so ready for this week to be over.  The cold I have had for the past three/four weeks is making its rounds – my poor family.  So no one feels good.  They are all in the starting to feel crummy, but not full blown there (can we please possible kill the bugs with enough vitamin C) stage.  I have had ear pain for a week now.  The dr is saying it is not an infection but pressure build-up from the darn cold.  Whatever it is it can take its ice pick in my head and go away!!  I have had to reschedule maintenance again – which is fine after last night’s adventures.  

Which brings me to last night.  I woke up around midnight from a dream where someone was yelling ‘mom’.  No one was yelling, but the pain in my ear was screaming so I head downstairs to microwave my heating pad.  I actually turned one light on (not normal for me) and saw a big wet spot at the bottom of the stairs and though “well hell, the leak in the ceiling has come through”, but then looked up and the wet carpet did not match the spot for the water-stained ceiling.  It was off by about ten inches.  Thought to myself, weird, let me throw this in the microwave and sort it out.  Made it a few more feet to the spot where the carpet turns to tile (and where the upstairs light no longer shines down) and slipped and knocked into the wall.  My sleepy brain thought “leak?  Over here too?”.  Until I registered what my bare feet and now Panama pants were covered in – vomit.  Poor Motley had been sick :(.  Cleaned it up, got a shower and we went back to bed.  Feel asleep around 1 am – and woke up again at 2 am to the sound of water rushing.  The poor dog was being sick again.  At the top of the stairs and in between the previous two locations.  So got him sorted, poor baby, and dragged out the carpet cleaner.  He was thankfully not sick again.  

But what a night.  Never did get much sleep as my stupid ear is giving me so much pain.  Poor T is home for at least the morning as she didn’t get much rest because she was coughing all night.  

So I guess the point of this story is this week sucks and I would stay away from the rose garden if I were you – we’re wilting quickly here😔😷☹️!!


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