Cannot wait for this to end

Sucked it up and took my babies to the work super bowl party because I didn’t want them to miss out (this cold has been kicking my bum, seriously, but put on my smile and faked feeling well – and now I’m the one being a baby because after all it’s just a stupid cold!!!).  The kids had a lot of fun.  Jason is having a great time.  He stayed as the game didn’t start until crazy late here.  Encouraged Tot to eat a bunch of gluten so that we can get positive results on this damn celiac’s test.  She enjoyed the food.  And seemed decently okay.  Until we got in the car and she spent the next hour throwing everything that she could up :(.  I hate putting my baby through all of this.  Hate it so much.  I cannot wait for it to be over.  But we have a few weeks left :(.  

So I guess I will lay here with here, listening to some Norah Jones and try to sleep.  Then we can start this again tomorrow…


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