Hard to stay positive

This kid has been a trooper through all of this, but it is getting harder to stay positive.  We still do not have the celiac’s results.  Apparently the clinic went on vacation and their phone service was on the fritz – not that we would have gotten any answers anyway as there was no one there!!  They are back this week but have not gotten to us on their return calls list.  I know because I have been calling daily asking for results so we can take this kid off gluten.  She has come down with another one of those (insert sarcasm here) awesome uti’s – the super resistant strain that causes her to be on an antibiotic that doctors don’t like even giving to adults :(.  And my poor baby has been on it more times than I can recall :(.  This poor kid is just miserable.  She hurts to even move.  She throws up all the time (more than her normal amount).  I don’t know how she has stayed so positive through all of this because I am so ready to scream.  I just want to yell at someone, but am going to follow my very strong little girl’s example and put a smile on my face and just be proud of how well she has handled all of this.  She has never really given a fuss, she has never tried to give up on this stupid gluten challenge.  She has looked at it in a positive way over 95% of the time.  She is amazing!!!  I just wish I could make her feel better!!  We’ve gone back to having a few gluten free days the last couple of weeks, trying to perk her up a bit, but she just needs to go completely clean again….  


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