We bought a house!!!

It has been an exhausting two weeks!!  

We moved to the States.  Bought a car.  Got phones.  Then drove 16 1/2 hours to start the grandparent tour.  We got to spend lots of wonderful quality time with relatives that we had not seen in ages!  And we got to stress, nearly constantly about whether or not we were actually getting our house!!

It has seriously been a crazy road and up until 430 yesterday afternoon I was not even sure we were going to get the house.  We had issues with financing (mistake with AF pay), processors that could not turn in the papers we gave them (multiple, multiple times) and then repair issues.  It has been really rather stressful and overall a bit awful.  

BUT, I think it has been worth it :).  

We are now the owners of a 1964, 4-bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home!  It has a ton of space.  Lots of potential and the kids really love it :)!

However after doing all of that traveling and then hurrying the 16 1/2 hours back and then doing a walk through, closing and beginning to unpack the first load of our stuff (those 12 bags that came with us 😳 – bless our dear friend for not only storing it, but delivering it too – we are so lucky♥️!!), we are all knackered!!!  We are having a little rest and then I think it will be on to the store.  The contractors that came through left this place a mess 😕.  But at least these uprooted roses have a home again!!

Pictures to follow at some point.  We are all just too tired and haven’t had a chance to shower in over 24 hours ;)!!


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