What a night!!!

I made a little trip to the ER yesterday because I’ve been having kidney pain for a week.  I’m okay.  The dr seems to think it’s a pulled muscle though.  I just know it hurts.

Then we took Mots for a little playtime at the beach.  After that we sent the kids to bed and decided to do some work on the house.  I painted the hall closet – because it was gross.  There was leftover paint from the previous owners so now instead of dingy white with footprints (seriously?) and scuffs every where it is a lovely moss green :).  Jason did some serious work of installing new locks on our multiple doors and new shower heads for both bathrooms.  We had finally settled down and we’re drifting off to sleep when we heard J.

Poor kid was coughing so hard that he threw up.  He was having trouble breathing and was sounding rattley.  Whilst we looked around all of the suitcases for an inhaler we had him sitting in the steamy bathroom (yea for new shower heads that work).  Unfortunately we are crappy parents and did not manage to pack an inhaler.  In our defence he hasn’t had to use one in over two years, but still, we should have had one :(.  

Brought him to the ER (looking forward to seeing something else on this base eventually!) and they got him started on a breathing treatment.  After an X-ray to determine that it is viral and not pneumonia (thank goodness because he used to go straight to pneumonia when he got sick as a little kid), they gave him a treatment of steroids and another breathing treatment and are sending us home (with an inhaler).  What a night!

Yup, that’s a bit of a smirk because he couldn’t believe I was taking a picture…


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