x+y=loooongest day evah!!

So after our Three Stooges like painting incident earlier 😜, C and I proceeded to prep for her algebra exit exam tomorrow.  Several, several, several hours of algebra.  

It has been a long, frustrating day. And I’ve really felt for my girl.  

She knows how to do algebra, but not the ‘American’ way.  And yes folks, there is a difference :(.  It’s all in the terminology.  She would ask what one phrase is, I would explain it.  But in doing so I would use another word that wasn’t familiar and then explanations would have to start all over again in another direction.  Poor kid!  She knows how to do the work, she just doesn’t know the ‘right’ words for here.  And when you are talking directions, that’s a big deal!

She is keeping a pretty good attitude about it all, overall though!


American algebra=British algebra = confusion!!


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