Review time!

C felt pretty good after her exam :).  Things got a little overshadowed on Friday though as we had a toilet causing a minor flood in our new house!!  😢

That was a terrifying couple of hours!!  Using the toilets/showers upstairs was causing water to come out from the base of the downstairs toilet.  Not knowing what exactly was causing it – or how much it was going to cost to fix it was nerve wracking! We cleaned and trouble-shooted all we could – even met another neighbour who nicely snaked the loo!  It was determined though that a plumber was needed – oh no!  Turned out there was a wade of wipes (?) that had clogged up the pipes and was stuck between the downstairs loo pipes and the release outside.  Thank goodness it wasn’t roots!!  Plumber left just in time to go get C and then we got to hear all about the exam ;)!

Spent the weekend doing things around the house.  Nothing too exciting, but enjoyable family time.  

Now we are back on the beach for the olders early morning training.  And T is flying a kite for the first time!!!  We were floored when she told us she had never flown a kite! Ummm, third child problems ?!?!  So, here she is flying a kit at 0645 ☺️


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