When lightening strikes…

Our house catches on fire!  Thankfully it was small.  Thankfully no one was injured.  Thankfully we were home.  Thankfully I had returned my friend’s children last night.

Lots of things to be thankful for.  

It was a super crazy afternoon.  A storm hit suddenly.  I had been laying down because I wasn’t feeling great.  Kids were fighting all day.  Super day (insert sarcasm here) before our fire.  

T was freaking out from the storm.  Then we had a big boom and the telephone outlet in the living room shot across the room, leaving a little spark.  C was shouting trying to calm T.  J was trying to mediate.  I was feeling a bit cross with all the yelling and freaking out.  C went up stairs and yelled that the power was off.  So I went to the garage to flip the breakers – and I was greeted by smoke and very quickly flames emerging from the circuit boxes, followed by pops throughout the house.  We called 911 right away.  And exited the house.  It was still storming and I was thinking where  am I taking these kids and my dog?  Just then the neighbour across the street stepped outside (to see about the boom) so we raced across the street.  I said “Hi, we’re your new neighbours, can my kids hang in your carport – our house is on fire!”  Lots of firefighters, emergency workers, police, etc came out (must have been a slow emergency day!).  I have to give a big shout out to my awesome brother in law as well!  He is thankfully training in the area so he answered my call of help to have another adult around :).

We do not know the extent of the damage – and will not until Monday morning when the electrician can come out.  The power company came out and turned off the mains.  The insurance company sent us to a hotel – but 40 minutes away.  It was the nearest they could do as we live in a vacation area.  

We don’t know if the damage is only with the circuit box.  If the appliances are all toast (a lot of the firefighters seemed to think they would be).  Or if the AC that is also on the garage roof is damaged.  A lot of unknowns right now.  

But for now our dog is settled with good friends.  My kids are settled in the hotel.  They have had an eclectic dinner from the food we salvaged.  And we could not have asked for a nicer neighbourhood!  Offers of assistance were just pouring in!!


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