Night one

Not gonna lie, I was slightly nervous about leaving the older two in their own hotel room for the first time.  Not that they would do anything that they shouldn’t, but because they have early morning training and I left two teens to make sure that they went to sleep timely (when I checked in on them at 2145 they were sleeping heavily 😴).  And they had to get themselves moving and have breakfast at 0400.  I went and woke them up and told them to come to our room in 1/2 an hour.  They did great!  Maybe hotel living will be okay.  Although if we have to stay past Wednesday, I will be quite happy to move into the two-bedroom suite :).  

On another note, after about 20 minutes of irritation last night, Motley settled down.  I think he heard other dogs going out for the night (there are a couple staying a few rooms down from us) and he got a little ruffled – low growling and even barked twice!  I left the telly on for him to try to drown out any hallway noise, although this is a really quiet hotel.  After that he settled down and I think really enjoyed the fact that Tot and my beds touch (foot to foot with the sleeper sofa 😉) so he could just walk back and forth without having to touch ground – super spoiled puppy!!


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