Mixed bag of a day….

but we did see dolphins finally!!!  And were reunited with good friends :)!!!

We obviously started the day out with the inspection that didn’t go wonderfully, didn’t go terribly either.

Then I took C to the dr because her knee injury is acting up again.  She was told no swimming until she is pain free.  They are also going to put in a referral to start PT again.  Huge, huge bummer for this girl as she was super excited to be swimming again and competing again.  They think it was a combo of s growth spurt and overdoing it that caused this flair up.  

So our morning was pretty much a downer.  

Then our friends from England called and told us they were in town and wanted to play.  And they are just down the street from us.  So we ended up having a lovely afternoon/evening of catching up, paddle-boarding and watching dolphins (a gorgeous pod not far from where the kids were playing!!).  Topped that with a pizza night and my babies were feeling a bit better again.  They all knocked out early too which meant this mama could take her exam and call another class done.  Only two left and I will still have a 4.0 for my MA :).


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