What a week

We’ve had another loooong week.  It’s been full of seeing AF family members♥️(wouldn’t trade that for anything!!), migraines, tummy bugs and almost non-existent work to the house.  Really trying to stay positive, but totally succumbed to the negativity yesterday.  

Trying hard to make this a better day, as I have started back to class as well (only two left!!), but I’ve still got the headache, still got one kid ‘home’ sick and another that probably should have stayed and we are in a hotel for an undetermined amount of time.  

One thing that made my heart smile this morning though – watching C and J interact ♥️.  Those two really do have each other’s backs.  It’s the little things like waiting for each other to get out of the car to walk in to school together or going down to breakfast together.  Little things were they could be living parallel, but are thoughtful of the other and interacting.  I’m so proud of who they are growing into and that is something positive that I need to hold on to with all this darn negativity!!!


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