What a weekend!!!

We try to keep things hopping around here ;)!   

On Thursday my awesome grandparents got to come down for a visit!!!  We absolutely love getting to see them!!!  They had been in New Orleans for a National Guard convention and decided to travel this direction :).  It was a great day for them to show up as it was the kids’ first swim meet of the season :).  They both did a good job and had a blast at their first HS swim meet.  We went out to dinner with the team afterwards and they got to meet some of the kids new friends.  We also picked up a stowaway on the way back from the meet that had J cracking up and me squirming.  Darn lizards around here!!  Thought the silly thing would fly off the windshield to his death so I was driving scared ;).  

On Friday we got to move back into the house.  We are now in the fun process of seeing what works and what doesn’t.  Biggest thing so far is the range :(.  The thermostat and the garage door opener are the other bits that are the most obnoxious.  We have a, thankfully, short list of electronics that are fried.  Helps that we had not had a chance to finish unpacking yet ;).  

Saturday we took the grandparents out for brunch and to one of the boardwalks at the beach.  The evening was spent putting a (frustrating!) puzzle together and playing cards.  And Jason snuck C off for her first driving lesson 😳!! I’m really bummed that I’m still fighting off these migraines and wasn’t there for it :(!!

The grandparents have just taken off on their adventure home.  It was wonderful getting to see them again!!!  

I think the rest of the weekend is going to be spent doing homework, unpacking and maybe a little outing to the beach. 


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