New things on the horizon…

What a week this has been.  T has not had an easy transition to the American school system.  Her teacher didn’t get her “king’s English” (umm, you mean the queen’s English?).  There were language issues with mathematics as the vocabulary is different.  T was put in English Language Learner due to this.  A bit drastic, but we thought if it helps…

Her first quarter grades were not great, but not terrible for the transition/adjustment period.  2 A’s, 1 B, 2 C’s and a D (math).  

However after being sick, I went in to again to ask for homework.  Her teacher pulled me aside and told me that T was going to fail fifth grade and it would probably be a better fit for her to be in virtual school.  We already had T on a waiting list for another school as she had not been happy and seemed to really be struggling at this school.  

I wholeheartedly agree that my daughter should no longer attend that school, as does Jason.  She should not be in an environment where she is not nurtured and encouraged.  Any teacher that feels like that should not be teaching my girl.  So the tough decision to put her in virtual school was made and as of today we are homeschooling.  This means putting my career on hold a bit longer, which sucks, but it is worth it for my kid.  Might make writing a thesis a bit harder, but hey, we will do PE on the beach and have some great mother/daughter time♥️.  

We ‘met’ her new teacher over a phone conference today.  She sounds lovely.  T is super excited.  There are two other students from England in her class.  The curriculum looks fabulous!  They have scheduled class two days a week and independent study the other three school days.  It’s pretty flexible, which is nice.  Especially as the olders have districts next week!!  Now we can go 🙂 and watch C compete in the 100 fly and J compete in the 200 free and 500 free.  That’ll be awesome.  

Homeschooling will definitely have its challenges, but I think this could be really good for her until an opening happens at the other school.


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