It’s only 1950, my children are in bed, the dogs are sleeping, Norah Jones is playing, my chai is full.  It is time to make some serious progress on this thesis!

Before I do though – quick kid update 😉.  Then I can really concentrate!

Yesterday was the district meet for the olders.  C unfortunately missed the call for her first race so she was disqualified for the remainder.  It was very unfortunate for her.  J however had a GREAT day!  He did the 500 and 200 freestyle.  Took time off of his pb’s on both!  He did well enough that coach had him on call for potentially going to regionals.  He did not make that cut, but he has done an amazing job this season.  Especially when you stop and take in the fact that he is a 13 year-old freshman!!  Very proud of him and how hard he has been working!!!

T’s first week of virtual school has been a success.  She is very happy. Her teacher is super sweet and very encouraging.  They get to do a lot of fun, creative activities – the type of thing that she was really missing.  Tomorrow they are doing a Miss Alaineous vocabulary parade.  If you have never read that book, I highly recommend checking out this video.  It was awesome!

Overall a great week for 2/3rd’s of the kiddos.  Wish it was 100%, but that unfortunately is real life.  

Now I had really better buckle down and get to work!



  1. Glad everyone doing OK,it was a foggy Halloween here, C won’t miss a race again, all just a learning curve, T looking much better and glad she is enjoying virtual school, good luck on the thesis, best wishes to Jason and you . Club doing really well Elaine


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