The mural C was working on at the Science Museum

My beautiful Valentine’s flowers and the kitchen I am working on refinishing.

Some girl time!

Some more girl time with JV softball bonding night!

Mother/daughter lunch

Time to grow some plants!

And time for some cool new hair!!

She thought it was hilarious that her sandwich was so much bigger than mine!

But then again, so did he during our mother/son dinner out!

At the swim banquet.  J wasn’t there as he is away at a robotics competition in Alabama!!

I got a nose ring!

And we all enjoyed Mil night at the ballgame :).

Didn’t get as many pics of my boy as I wanted because he has been hiding away from us ladies!  Maybe that’s a smart move on his behalf 😂!  We do have a lot of teenagers around 😉!  And he has been away in his trip.  So proud of him for going on this new adventure!  I’m hoping he has pictures I can share 😊!!



  1. Nope. Nope. Nope. I don’t believe it. Your family😊 They cannot be growing so much. You are as beautiful as ever! Can you come work on my kitchen?

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