Prom 2017

She had a wonderful time at prom and we all had such a good time helping her get ready :)!!  It was an all girls house, mom, sister and AF aunt and cousins!  I was so grateful that we could have family with us for this rite of passage.  I wish our boys could have been there too, but at least she was still surrounded by family. 

And on that note can I just throw in how lucky we are!  Being in the AF is like marrying into a big family.  You are all of a sudden ‘related’ to a bunch of people, people that will share big and little moments with you.  Some you become closer to than others.  Some you so more often.  Some that you have to wait to see again (y’all know who you are and we love you just as much!!).  

We are so grateful that we can call these ladies (and their boys!) family. And that we could share this day with them.

And now here are the ‘few’ pictures that I narrowed it down too ;)!

She wanted some softball pics – which I thought were cute.  Not gonna lie, kind of glad we ran short on time and she didn’t do ones with her cleats and socks too ;)!

And then her date arrived.  They looked so handsome together!!!

Someone wasn’t as sure about letting her go, but we had more pictures to take :).

And then they were off.  Instead of post prom partying, they (thankfully!) wanted to go see Beauty and the Beast.  So there was one more costume change and I guess since she came home after midnight, we’ll call these the Cinderella shots ๐Ÿ˜‚!

She even lost her slippers, ๐Ÿ˜‚!!!


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  1. What a joy it was for us to get to be a part of her night. She is growing into such a gorgeous, smart, lovely person and we are so glad for all these times with her-and you all๐Ÿ’œ

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