Gotta brag!!!

Came home, very late (worked crazy shifts today, had interesting experiences), to a cleaner house and dinner made – by my CHILDREN!!!

Their dad is working even later tonight and they FINALLY listened when we asked them to work on tidying up 😜!!  It was such a lovely feeling to see dishes done, counters nearly cleaned and to NOT have to cook 😁!!  

And it tasted awesome too!!  My girls made Korean ground beef and rice and it was YUMMY!!  Here’s the pic I got, after the carnage πŸ˜‚.


Big day!

Big day for the girly rosebuds yesterday!! The eldest got her real driver’s license 😳😁!!  And the youngest went to her first middle school dance!!  Only got a quick shot because once it was time to go – it was time to go!  She had a blast hanging with her new bestie though, so big win 😊.

Hurricane Irma update

Still enjoying lovely weather in our part of Florida – very lucky here!  It is slowly moving in, but to the east of us.

Jason and I hit the beach today.  Kids didn’t want to go (well, T did, but she didn’t do her homework πŸ˜•).  It was beautiful and windy!!  

Basically all prepped for the storm.  Now just waiting to ride it out!!

Hurricane Irma news

We have had a lot of calls and messages pouring in concerned about these Uprooted Roses well-being – feeling the love deeply, y’all are amazing!!!

So far all is really good in our part of Florida.  Actually really beautiful weather; all sunny and cooling down!  As far as Irma is concerned, we are hopefully far enough NW that we will miss the brunt of the storm.  

That being said, we do have a basic evac plan and a basic hunker down and enjoy a tropical storm plan!  Loaded up on GF goodies for the little one, food for the rest of us, water, generator, yada yada.  Schools across the ENTIRE state of Florida have been cancelled as a mandated precaution from the Governor.  And don’t worry, if the USAF tells us to leave, we are outta here!

But goodness gracious y’all, the Kansas girl in me is so over hurricanes!  Give me a tornado any day of the week over a hurricane!  This anxiousness and anticipation are just too much!  I have discovered I much prefer the quick, down and pick up again of the Midwest – a bit twisted, huh?