Good times!

What a good day!!  Got to watch an old friend take over as a commander for his squadron and got too catch up with some other old friends too :).  

Then the boys went golfing – yea them!  

And now we are finishing off the day with some Mario Kart tournaments.  All in all a good day :).  

Billy Bowlegs

Had A LOT of fun at the Billy Bowlegs parade tonight!  I’ll be honest – I thought it was a bit cheesy at first, but got into it pretty quickly 😉.  And as you can see, we ended up with a few beads 😂.  Grand total: T – 63!, C – 28 and I ended up with 29 strands – courtesy of Jason helping me get beads 😍!!  That’s a lot of pirate booty ☠️!

And then there were three…

Meet our newest fur baby, Beau.  We adopted this sweet boy today.  Decided that Mots just needed a playmate.  Miss Lullah is just lovely, but she is definitely not a playmate.  

Beau is about a year old.  He is a Boxer mix.  A lovely caramel brindle.  Seems very chill.  I think he will be a great addition!  And just like we stopped at three kids – three dogs is the max ;)!

What a fun way to celebrate 17 years of marriage 😂😍!!

Volcano time!!

Today T got to erupt a volcano during her class time :)!!  She made it out of paper mache – nearly all the items used are recyclable (so it’s environmentally responsible too ;)!).  It was lots of fun for her to do.  

Be sure to click on the link to see the pics and video 🌋.

Junior finals

Wow!  What a difference a year makes.  This cutie is driving me to one of her finals (their final schedule is insane 🙄).  Can’t believe how grown up she is getting.  Plus I’m laughing my butt off at her scolding me for distracting her for singing along to Bare Naked Ladies – Pinch Me 😂.  

KC – day 5

And this began the 16 1/2 hour drive home!!  No pics, just a lot of tired people making their way home ;)!! 

It was a great, quick trip.  We felt very honoured to be a part of the most important event in Caroline and Ryley’s life!!  Love these two so very much ❤️!!

KC – Day 4

WEDDING DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Today was the day that we got to be a part of union of two wonderful people, my amazing little sister-in-law and new bro-in-law ❤️!!  It was a gorgeous day – the rain moved out and we were able to have the wedding outside.  

We started our day taking over the a lovely salon in Lawson, A Cut Above.  The owner, Dale, opened up his business to us as well as treating us to a lovely breakfast!!  Such an awesome establishment!  Then we went on bridal lock-down ;).  Last minute alterations, make-up and lots and lots of pictures, taken by the lovely Kelly Pingleton, a local photographer (and close friend of the family and my cousin-in-law), leading up to the big moment.  Afterwards we had hours of celebrating this lovely young couple.    It was a beautiful day, perfect to celebrate this beautiful couple ❤️!!