Painting a parking spot…

My very talented daughter designed a fantastic parking spot for herself at school (a fun little fundraiser the HS was doing).  Her original design was more detailed but the end result was equally fantastic (especially as she did it all freehand!).  

It was a hot day, but very fun spending it with this beautiful girl – even if we did leave paint splattered and sunburned!!!

Original drawing, followed by the process, minus the final pic with her full name…


First Day of school 2017

Everyone had a good first day!!  

Bit of a rough start for Tot as this was her first day to ride a bus and they forgot her 😳!  Thank goodness I hadn’t left for work yet!  

But everyone came home happy.  Looking forward to another awesome year for each of these kiddos!!

Summer 2017

It’s been quite the summer.  

June was a very rough month.  My grandpa passed away.  He was very ill and I know his passing gave him relief, but it was a very difficult experience.  For the last 60+ hours of his life I was able to join my family and hopefully give him comfort, remember wonderful times and just be with family.  It was a very bittersweet time.

It was also during that time that I realised just how badly my grandma’s health is as well.  

Mom came home with me after the funeral and we spent a week trying to have fun with the kids and enjoy family.  It was good to focus on happiness! It was also the 100th anniversary of my husband’s squadron.  He and his fellow airmen did a fantastic job honouring the heritage of so many amazing men and women.  It was a pretty rainy beginning to the week as a tropical depression was storming through, but we had a bit of sunshine too.

After mom’s visit we had about a week until our next guests arrived.  It was fantastic to spend the 4th holiday with my in-laws.  We always enjoy their visits!

A couple of weeks after that C’s BFF from England came for a visit :)!!!  It was beautiful to see the girls reunited.  I am so glad that had this summer together ❤️!

Summer is almost over and it’s been full of ups and downs, but as always we look at the positives.  So I will leave y’all with one last positive from this summer.

July was also when I began my job hunt in earnest.  I was able to utilise some fantastic resources for mil families and get some fantastic help and advice.  I had two interviews the third week of July and an offer by the last week – woohoo!!  I start in-processing tomorrow as a case manager.  Which makes tomorrow my first day as a full fledged adult, at 37, lol!  Kids start school on Thursday and then the busyness begins :).  

Good times!

What a good day!!  Got to watch an old friend take over as a commander for his squadron and got too catch up with some other old friends too :).  

Then the boys went golfing – yea them!  

And now we are finishing off the day with some Mario Kart tournaments.  All in all a good day :).  

Billy Bowlegs

Had A LOT of fun at the Billy Bowlegs parade tonight!  I’ll be honest – I thought it was a bit cheesy at first, but got into it pretty quickly 😉.  And as you can see, we ended up with a few beads 😂.  Grand total: T – 63!, C – 28 and I ended up with 29 strands – courtesy of Jason helping me get beads 😍!!  That’s a lot of pirate booty ☠️!

And then there were three…

Meet our newest fur baby, Beau.  We adopted this sweet boy today.  Decided that Mots just needed a playmate.  Miss Lullah is just lovely, but she is definitely not a playmate.  

Beau is about a year old.  He is a Boxer mix.  A lovely caramel brindle.  Seems very chill.  I think he will be a great addition!  And just like we stopped at three kids – three dogs is the max ;)!

What a fun way to celebrate 17 years of marriage 😂😍!!

Volcano time!!

Today T got to erupt a volcano during her class time :)!!  She made it out of paper mache – nearly all the items used are recyclable (so it’s environmentally responsible too ;)!).  It was lots of fun for her to do.  

Be sure to click on the link to see the pics and video 🌋.