KC – Day 3

The bridal party got some pampering before we dug in and set up the decorations at the gorgeous wedding venue, Mellon Farm in Lawson, Mo.  We were treated to mani-pedis and a super yummy lunch.  

After setup we had the rehearsal- indoors as Mother Nature was giving the area a bit of a beating.  Then we all went back to the church for another yummy meal!  Then we gathered our things up and the bridal party headed back to the venue to stay in a couple of the cottages on site.  

Not as many pics today – just too busy :)!!

KC – Day 2

We got to stay out at my in-laws beautiful farm!  We were the second family in so we got priority placement 😉 and some one-on-one time :).  

Day 2 was spent loading the ‘wedding’ trailer.  We tried to fit it in the barn, but it was just slightly too tall, so it got covered carefully.  Then the rest of the family started coming in.  15 members went to the Royals game (Tot’s first ball game!!!) and 5 of the bridesmaids and the bride went to Top Golf for the bachelorette party – yummy food and playtime :).  We all got back quite late and ended up hanging out for quite a bit.  It was awesome reuniting with the family and celebrating my sweet little sis’ upcoming nuptials!!!

KC – Day 1

T and I flew to KC for a family wedding – my sweet little sister-in-law got married on Saturday to a wonderful guy!  

Day 1 we were picked up by my parents and spent the afternoon/evening in downtown KC checking out Union Station and Crown Center.  It was so much fun showing Tot the area, eating some awesome KC BBQ and of course, getting to hang out with Mom and Dad!!!

Smarty pants!

Today the boy lettered in academics!!!  Woohoo!!  Love this not-so-little smarty pants 😘!!!  

He achieved a 3.875 for his first semester of HS and is on track for straight A’s this semester.  Fantastic!!

14 years of AWESOMENESS!

14 years ago today we were blessed with a handsome, kind, intelligent, patient, awesome boy!  How lucky are we to get to call him son and brother?!

We spent the day chilling – doing the things he likes; eating, hanging out and video games ;)!  

Tried very hard to get pictures of him, but he is like one of those rare creatures in nature that are camera shy 😂.  Here’s what we managed:

And one rather good one with the brownie ‘cake’ that Tot made him.  It split a little so we used the cracks for his candles ;).  Super yummy, Tot!

Love these goofballs!

We went on our first family kayaking excursion today (the first of many!!).  It was lots of fun and I cannot wait to do it again (hoping for tomorrow 😉).  

Went to Moe’s for dinner after and the older two were just too cute!!  Tot was a bit worn out though, almost couldn’t keep her eyes open to sip her drink….

Feeling whole again

As a family we have just completed our 14th deployment.  These times are always filled with challenges – different ones for each of us.  But the end always brings us back together, whole again, a full family again.

My heart is very happy tonight.  And I think I can safely say the same for everyone else in our Uprooted garden ❤️!!!